2019 Fall Education Tour

It’s that time of year again!  MACHA workshops are on their way to your area this fall.  Don’t miss this opportunity to attend training in a location convenient to you!  Driving directions to each training location are available on the Training Locations page.

ACH Stop Payments, Unauthorized & Regulation E

Financial institution procedures for handling stop payments and unauthorized items in the ACH are critical to ensuring compliance with the Nacha Operating Rules and Regulation E - as well as reducing the risk of financial loss. This workshop will focus on unauthorized ACH entries and stop payments as well as their associated compliance requirements. This session is core fundamental training for all ACH, Audit and Compliance personnel and any staff responsible for ACH dispute resolution.

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Check Adjustments: Correcting Errors

Even with today’s electronic processing of checks, errors still occur.  Learn the proper steps, codes, and timeframes for the timely and accurate processing of check adjustments. This session will highlight the risks associated with improper handling of check adjustments and the steps necessary to reduce financial losses.

See below for dates and locations.