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Join Our Team, Macha Is Seeking an Assistant Director of Audit Services!

Join the Macha team! Our Assistant Director of Audit Services will be expected to schedule and perform on-site ACH audits, ACH risk assessments and RDC Risk Assessments for association members, including writing and submitting audit reports or risk assessment reports to members. They also will develop and enhance audit and risk assessment tools on an annual basis, as well as assisting in developing existing and new publications for sale. Ready for the next step of your career? Apply today!


  1. Member Audits—50%
    1. Complete audits and risk assessments as they are scheduled
      1. Keep statistics on both the audit and risk assessment services
      2. Take calls and, with the Executive Vice President, schedule and complete audits and risk assessments for members
      3. Provide member with pricing and scheduling for audits and risk assessments
      4. Send agreements and list of required documents for member to prepare prior to an audit or risk assessment
      5. Confirm audit or risk assessment in advance of scheduled event
    2.  Perform ACH Audits for members in accordance with established procedures 
      1. Perform onsite testing of transactions, interview employees and conduct training on compliance as part of audit process
      2. Conduct exit interview with the financial institutions designated Sr. Officers
      3. Write audit report results to be reviewed by Vice President or President
      4. Send completed audit report to member
    3.  Perform ACH Risk Assessments for members in accordance with established procedures
      1. Review policies and procedures, interview employees, and rate the risk of the financial institution for each major section of the assessment
      2. Write a report of the results of the Risk Assessment and have it reviewed before it’s shared
      3. Send the completed report to the member
    4. Track membership compliance with the ACH Audit Requirement, 
  2. Assist in Publication creation and order fulfillment—25%
    1. With the Executive Vice President, prepare/update and distribute Publications 
    2. Assist the Executive Vice President in the development and/or updating of the Audit Guide and all Risk Assessment guides along with the tools used to perform audits and risk assessments on an ongoing basis
  3. Support the members as needed—15%
    1. Answer member calls when needed
    2. Respond to emails and other member communication on a timely basis
  4. Committee responsibilities—5%
    1. Represent Macha as may be requested by association executives on other regional or national committees and/or workgroups
  5. Be involved in workshops and webinars on compliance topics as needed—5%
    1. Participate in off-site training or on-site training sessions on Compliance services (audits and risk assessments) as needed


Desired Education and Experience

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities   

Incumbent must be able to:

Incumbent must be able to:



Email your resume to Andy Barlow, Executive Vice President, at Or, please share if you know someone who may be interested in this opportunity!

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