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ACH Policies & Procedures Manual

Publisher: Macha/PAR

Creating your financial institution's internal policies and procedures can be challenging and very time-consuming. That is why Macha/PAR has done over half the work for you! The ACH Policies & Procedures Manual provides a sample ACH policy and a template to guide you through documenting your ACH procedures. Each section includes the ACH rules and requirements that pertain to the individual procedure along with related sample language and guiding questions. All your financial institution needs to do is fill in the blanks and customize to match your actual policies and procedures.

Sections of the procedure template include: Error Resolution, Exception Handling, Stop Payments, Federal Government Payments, International ACH Transactions (IATs), Risk Management, Self Origination, Origination, Training, Contingency Planning, and More!

Also included in the ACH Policies & Procedures Manual is a sample Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit (WSUD) form; sample ACH Stop Payment form; ACH Glossary of Terms; and directions on How to Report a Rules Violation.

If your Financial Institution schedules your ACH Audit with Macha/PAR, you are eligible for $25 savings on the Policies & Procedures Manual. Be sure to ask for your Promo Code!

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