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Quick Reference Cards for Exception Handling

These handy spiral bound cards are a must have for every financial institution! They provide a simple and quick way to look up the Nacha Operating Rules as you are processing your daily ACH activity.
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Quick Reference Guide to Initiating ACH Transfers

Proper Usage of A2A, P2P, C2B, and B2B

The new Person-to-Person (P2P) Transfer Rule and the addition of the WEB Credit SEC code have caused a lot of confusion with initiating ACH transfers. This Quick Reference Guide has been created to eliminate the confusion and provide your financial institution with the information you need to properly execute ACH transfers. The easy-to-use Guide has the critical details your financial institution needs to understand and initiate: Account-to-Account (A2A), Person-to-Person (P2P), Consumer-to-Business (C2B), and Business-to-Business (B2B) transfers. NEW! Sample Authorization Forms
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Frontline ACH Quick Reference Cards

These user-friendly cards contain the information your frontline staff needs to know about ACH. Designed to assist your frontline staff with handling payment calls and inquiries from accountholders, the cards provide them with critical information right at their fingertips.
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Government Payments Exception Handling Cards

These cards are durable for your desktop and right at your fingertips to get all the critical information for handling federal government exceptions. They provide a simple and quick way to lookup the required information from The Green Book: A Guide to Federal Government ACH Payments and Collections. These detailed cards are a must for every financial institution.
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Quick Reference Cards for Originators

The Quick Reference Cards for Originators were designed to help your originators with a quick reference to exceptions such as; returns, NOC’s, reversals, and the rules they need to follow.
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