Who are Accredited ACH Professionals?

Accredited ACH Professionals (AAPs) are a talented group of payments professionals, nationally renowned for their knowledge in electronic payments within the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network.  AAPs display expert proficiency in ACH operations, the interpretation of the Nacha Operating Rules and Guidelines, the sale of ACH products and services, and more.  The AAP designation is much more than a title; It identifies individuals with a high level of passion for their careers within the payments industry.

Become an AAP

AAPs must pass the Accredited ACH Professional Exam administered by Nacha. The exam is offered annually during a three-week testing window in October (Monday, Oct. 5 - Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020). Administered electronically at various test locations across the country, the exam consists of 120 multiple choice questions. For more information, visit www.nacha.org.

MACHA's ACH training is the perfect place to start.  In addition to an excellent curriculum of ACH workshops and webinars throughout the year, we also offer two different exam preparation training options!

Prepare for the Exam

For AAPs Only

Why it's Worth It

  • AAPs have a critical knowledge base that is valuable to any organization.
  • Having an AAP on staff enables organizations with the expertise needed to plan payments strategies and manage payments services, an essential role in day-to-day operations.
  • AAPs can help organizations mitigate loss, risk and fraud and increase operational processes.

As an AAP, you will be recognized throughout the payments industry as a subject-matter expert, as the "go-to" payments professional within your organization and as an individual who has gone the extra mile to become an expert in the field.

MACHA's AAP Class of 2019

Dana Carroll, AAP - EagleBank
Stephanie Chirinos, AAP - Northwest Federal Credit Union
James Horner, AAP - Navy Federal Credit Union
Kristi Kelly, AAP - Freedom Federal Credit Union
Michael Limerez, AAP - Sandy Spring Bank
Leslie McDonald, AAP - Tower Federal Credit Union
William Perdomo, AAP - United States Senate Federal Credit Union