Electronic Payments - Corporate Self Assessment

Publisher: Macha/PAR

Self Assessments are becoming a popular tool for financial institutions to verify their customer's electronic payments compliance. The Electronic Payments Corporate Self Assessment combines multiple electronic payment types, including ACH and RDC, in one self assessment to avoid duplication and save time for both your financial institution staff and your customers.

The self assessment contains two pages of basic, easy-to-read “Yes or No” questions on topics such as: Agreements, Controls, Security, Corporate Account Takeover, Activity Monitoring, ACH Origination, and RDC. The answers provided by your corporate electronic payment customers will provide you with the insight you need to identify areas of risk and training opportunities. 

The Electronic Payments - Corporate Self Assessment is provided to you electronically in a Word document to allow for your unique customization and for the distribution to multiple customers. The RDC section can be removed for your ACH only customers; and the ACH section can be removed for your RDC customers that do not utilize your ACH Origination Services.



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